HYropes History

never settle for less

Though many years , we always want to built something that seems interesting, something different. The team always has the vision that we are build something for the long-term.

That put us into focus, eliminate the distraction, let us back to do one thing well. Let us making some good Ropes.

Set up factory

Xiaji town, Yangzhou

Covering an area of 3 mu. The factory covers an area of 800 square meters.



12-strand Winch rope

Launched Products

the series of winch ropes

Focus on the Quality of braiding, structural optimisation for 12-strand Winch rope.


Machine Development

new type per-stretch and heating equipment

This equipment will improve the elongation rate, stable the shape of rope in long term usage.



12 strands braided rope

strongest rope

12 strands braided rope

We produce the strongest rope in market after professional tested under the same diameter and structure.



Open Sales Office

sales department

Set up sales department in Xiamen,China.





spectra fiber

Authorized using Spectra Fiber and trademark in China.


kite surfing and paragliding

new products range

kite surfing and paragliding

Launched a full range of kite surfing and paragliding products



teijin Brand Cooperation

teijin Brand Cooperation

Cooperated with the company of the teijin



soft shackles

new products range

soft shackles

Development of soft shackles, completely replace metal shackles. As the first manufacturer in China and launch into the market.



staging coloring and coating

Stage coating

developed a technology of staging coloring and coating

We have researched and developed a technology for coloring and coatings on the same rope in different spot. (make multi-colour on same rope.) Thus challenged the product solutions for different application. The solution become the first in China.



Expanded the production

production base and workshop

Expanded the production base to 17 mu and the workshop is 2,900 square meters.



off-road rope

off-road rope

provide solutions

Completed the series of off-road rope development and provide solutions.



mining rope

Special application in industry

winch, sling, power transmission, mining

A series of ropes which use in special environment launched, such as sling, traction, winch, etc.



coloring technology

coloring technology

aramid UHMWPE

We have successfully developed a variety of



leisure sailing and yacht

new products range

leisure sailing and yacht

Launched the full range of leisure sailing and yacht series rope products and solutions.



Enter new Field

Replace the steel chain in hoisting

Cooperated with big electro mechanical enterprises, the new type of sling can replace the steel chain in the sling field completely and successfully apply for the utility model patent, becoming the only enterprise in China to produce this product.



camping spearfishing

new products range

camping spearfishing

The camping and the spearfishing series are successfully updated and re-entered the market, and the products are well received at home and abroad.



hyropes trademark


government awards

The Yangzhou government invited HYropes to become the well-known trademark.

DSM Brand Cooperation

DSM Brand Cooperation

A pilot project

A pilot project on new project cooperation with DSM.



Plant Expansion

Plant Address Changed

HYropes finished plant expansion to meet the high demand of our ropes and straps. Hyropes move its location from No36, Guoxia Rd, Xiaji Town Baoing, Jiangsu Province to No 9, Guoqing Rd, Jieshou Town, Gaoyou City, Jiangsu Province, China.

The New plant covers an area of 30 acre land. With new built factory building 5600 square meters. This expansion doubled our production capacity. Remaining 10,000 square meter vacant land is available for future expansion. New plants are equipped with hundreds of braiding machines and after-braided finishing treatment equipment as well as testing equipment. let us meets the growing needs of expanding market and benefit our clients from scale Economies effect.

The transportation time from Shanghai and other major cities in China to new plant location will take no more than two hours in 2019, after Gaoyou North Railway Station completion. It is a great location with easy access, HYropes secure the future expansion space space, increase market computational power.


B.V factory certificate

Video interview by B.V

A Brief video introduction by Bureau Veritas.


2020 Official Video

Video by Bureau Veritas

We are humbled and grateful to say thank-you to all of you around globe for continues support. Thus we have created a short video clip in response. You might like this video as an updates from our team, or you might see new opportunity to work with a responsible team. We also like to take this opportunity to thank our team, who work tireless in delivering excellent experience to our community and keep up with increasing demands.