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A video tour for our customer

17th August  2020

Year 2020 is all about changes and challenges, the dynamic of global pandemic is effecting all of us, including our customers and suppliers. In past few month we have seen healthy growth of our product demands as well as inquiry from new application.

We are humbled and grateful to say thank-you to all of you around globe for continues support. Thus we have created a short video clip in response. You might like this video as an updates from our team, or you might see new opportunity to work with a responsible team. We also like to take this opportunity to thank our team, who work tireless in delivering excellent experience to our community and keep up with increasing demands.

You have our promise to keep HYropes innovating and ever evolving. We like to think as a start-ups, driven by great ideas and technology.

The Following Video is produced by Bureau Veritas, a trusted certification partner known to many.


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