Bureau Veritas inspection and reports
For whom may save a trip to check the factory
30 August 2018,
One common question may bother our customer is, "What are my risks?","before making a big order, shall I visit the factory first?"
We understand where it's coming from, and we totally respect that. Trust plays a very important role in business, Zig Ziglar used to say:

What also driven us daily, is to build a better relationship throughout the process, from quote to delivery. However, there are one thing we cannot do, which is ask you to blindly trust someone. For example, someone can build a website and claim they have the production factory, but really? How much effort you need to find the right OEM partner? We think what you think, we been there before. That's why we made the effort to invite Bureau Veritas to our production factory to make a inspection and 3rd party report, so you can save a trip to the factory.

It's not only about trust, the credential is there too. We had given Bureau Veritas all the related business document to prove a point, we are serious about making quality ropes.

B.V Report contains video, panorama view, Supplier Assessment report.

Panorama view Click This Link

HYropes Official Video introduction 2020


You Can download the Supplier Assessment report though our Alibaba site LINK or email us [email protected]

After all, you still welcome to fly to China spending some quality time with us. There's nothing better then spending time with old friends.
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