A Better 2020
Updates on products and production
February 2020
In the beginning of this year, we asked about our self: what means a better 2020? And why will our customers get benefit from it. Please keeps reading...

Faster production speed.

We are increasing the number of workers on production line by 20% due to high demand. To make sure you will continues to enjoy speed order process. You may had already know the recent virus outbreak in China are affecting thousands of manufactures, we are among the lucky ones those already open business after the Chinese New Year. We had back to office and back in production.

Automation to price advantage. 

It's been 12 month since the automation project begins. In 2020 We will continues to develop new machinery and software to lower base cost. By doing so, we can make sure whom order from us will continues to take this price advantage. We will keep our price in check, the only reason we can success is by helping our customers success.

Dynamic products development. 

Deep in our heart, we love to explore the new products scheme. Sometimes better, our customer can help us refine and understand what the market needs, we highly rewards and keeps listening to our customers. We have dedicate team to put those R&D idea into testing sample, and will work closer with our customers to make sure the volume production is 100% to customer specification.

Thank you. 

It's about how you think, as it has always been. All our hard work and effort, make it worth for us because you value it. We move differently, we think differently, we don't go back to less, all because you value us. Thanks for your support.

To a better 2020!


further 10% off on outlets price
5% off made to order