The HYropes Advantage

Where technical and attitude make things different​

What differentiates HYropes from other synthetic rope manufacturers. This statement accurately describes the combination of design expertise, product performance, and field service support we offer. It embodies a promise of what our customers can expect from doing business with us; exceptional people providing an exceptional experience while delivering an exceptional product.
HYropes Advantage has five key elements that set us apart from anyone else in the industry:

●  Technology    ●  Products    ● Service    ● Manufacturing    ● Experience


Patented products and technologies developed by the most advanced R&D organization in the cordage industry.

  • Most advanced research and development team in the industry

  • Accurate, reliable product specifications based on rigorous testing and measuring

  • Extensive library of technical resources, case studies, and white papers

  • Cooperation with technical research institute for braiding and all purpose coating requirements solutions.


High-performance solutions designed to improve efficiency, reduce operation costs, and provide long-term value.

  • High performance: lightweight synthetic ropes replace wire rope, chain, or other commodity synthetics

  • Cost-effective: products improve efficiency, reduce the cost of operations, and provide long-term value

  • Safer: easier to handle, lighter products mean safer working condition


Experienced Team can help your business to grow

  • Technical consultation to ensure we supply the product that best suits your needs.

  • Responsibility for any fault we made .return , repair on site or back to our factory.


Plants are ISO 9001:2008 certified and manufacturing under this principles.

  • Use the most effective machine ,less labor .less  rate of failure. Shorter lead time.

  • ERP system running to guaranteed 99% pass-rate of production and order correctness.

  • Unique item number and  NNTP make sure clients get the same item always.


Experienced Team can help your business to grow

With 25years experience of manufacture the rope in China, we have a range of 2348 different cordages and 500 different straps for different usage collection(marine, racing sport, industrial ,safety…) HYROPES is one of China’s premier manufacturer of ropes and straps made from synthetic fibre like UHMWPE(high molecular weight polyethylene),Technora,Kevlar and Vectran,polyamide,polyester,PP mulit with all purpose coating requirements solutions.
If our product do not suit your specific needs, it is more than likely that we can develop a solution to meet them