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A tale of two dreamers

why we make ropes

HYropes is for the people who won't settle for less quality. when we created the company and start to making the ropes, the simple motivation behind that is pursuit of quality. At that time, we cannot find any factory can meet our purchasing requirement. 'why not start our own ?', yet simple but a powerful question hit two founders.

Back in 2012, one of the founder had 20 years experience in factory management, who is heavily involved in mechanical maintenance and development of rope machine . That's right , understand the tool is important before starting the job. it is even vital if you want to be proficient doing the job. Moreover , he worked in a large rope manufacturer as floor manager later. He knows the pain that rope spec is all wrong and when client received it, it is too late. ' it cannot happened day to day scale' he said to himself. So, he decide to make a difference.

At time, the other founder who have 4 years in ropes trading, who cannot find a stable factory to buy from. To an extent that any trading of rope had been suspended by the founder because the unstable quality.' I will not trade defect products even that means no open business' said by the other founder. finding a stable supplier seems impossible, all the available factory has been tried. what else can be done other than make your own rope and sell?

So, two dreamers meet together to start HYropes, ' we shall make awesome rope products', yes, ' and give our client a best experience' said by the other. But words are empty, they need to start somewhere. so, in 2012, a 800m2 small factory was opened. They put all the resource into materials research, Machine automation and software assistant. 6 years later, HYropes grows 20 times bigger with 10,000m2 land factory and hundred machines. ' what now?' you may ask.

Don't be worried, we haven't become just another big manufacture who only care about the production volume. Because we develop some of our core technology from ground up, the hardware and software works closer. And we are working on new ideas of producing better products all the time. We even have software developer in house to help with the automation. We want to grow but still put the quality in the first place. it won't make us perfect, in fact no company is perfect. However, we believe innovation and improvement can help us delivery a consistent better experience for our customer.

That's why we make ropes, the story just begun.

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